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The Erotic Review



June 2016 from TER
9 – Model material / 9 – Forgot it was a service
Attitude: Relaxed Girlfriend / Atmosphere: Sensual

Elizabeth was easy to contact and make arrangements with. The only hard part was waiting for our date.
She is easy to speak with and makes the atmosphere more like a date with a sexy girlfriend (very sexy and a bit naughty) and not like a business transaction. She loves travel, and as I’ve traveled a fair bit in Europe, we had lots to talk about. She has spent almost all her life in Montreal, so her English is excellent and her sexy Quebecoise accent makes it all that much hotter.
She answered the door in a super tight white low-cut top that showed of her beautiful breasts, tight black skirt and black stockings for her long sexy legs. Her website stats and photos are very accurate, but what they do not show is her beautiful deep dark eyes. Combine her Lebanese parentage, thick long hair and her soulful eyes and you have a combination that just melts you inside. Her website says she is model material, and she certainly is, but she is not like most models. She is not a flat-chested stick model. She has the looks and body of a model, but has wonderful feminine curves that puts any runway model to shame. Appearance – fantastic. She doesn’t have a single feature that disappoints.

Let’s start from the top:
Hair. long, dark and thick with a slight wave
Eyes. I already discussed these above, but I have to mention that whenever she looks at you with those eyes she has an amazing natural coquettish look that makes you want to rip off her clothes and take her right there
Face. high cheekbones, smooth skin, cute smile – she has the package. Tastefully applied light use of makeup enhances her features. She is a student of fashion and makeup and it shows
Lips lips lips….wonderful sexy kissable lips. Natural, not surgically enhanced but still pouty and full
(As I write this I keep thinking every physical feature is her best one….)
Neck, shoulders, arms – petite and asking to be stroked and kissed
Elizabeth’s breasts really deserve a separate section but I’ll say here that they are better than what you see on her website (if that is possible) and they absolutely defy gravity which is great for breasts this large
Stomach is trim and sexy – not a set of 6-pack fitness abs but a stomach that is flat and oh so feminine!
Waist is thin and makes a nice transition into her womanly hips. Although she is like a model, she is not skin and bones. She has the perfect combination of waist and hips to grab onto and pull her deep onto you. I spent a surprising amount of time with my hands roaming around here
Her skin everywhere is light, silky smooth, firm and tight. No wrinkles, flab or cellulite – truly she has been blessed by genetics but also keeps herself in shape
Ass. Yes. Yes. Yes. Watching her wonderful ass in doggy. Rubbing her ass and grabbing her ass….yes 🙂
Legs. I love legs and Elizabeth has very well shaped smooth legs that go all the way to the top! She does have the long lean legs of a model, but not anorexic skin and bones – look at her website photos and you will see how wonderful they are
I know guys seem to care most about the physical, but I can’t forget her personality. She is very friendly and fun to talk to. She would make a wonderful travel companion because she is much more than just a body.


Feb. 2016 in London, UK
Elizabeth is an elite courtesan in her home of Montreal. The combination of her professional and self-made photos provides a comfortable reassurance of her beauty. However, they don’t prepare you for her intoxicating beauty, her naturally generous lips adoring a truly enticing smile, and incredibly alluring dark eyes.

Elizabeth has a very gentle demure; the interaction leading up to our rendezvous created a beautiful sense and expectation of her personality. Some might mistake her initially as shy; however, this should is dispelled by the welcome of her gentle kiss as she entered the door. Softly spoken, there is an unmistakable confidence to her as we spoke about travel, couture, music, culture, and history. She is as independent as she is engaging, which gives her a gentle confidence.

Elizabeth arrived dressed discretely, although revealing her style and sense of fashion wearing trousers with a stylish printed design; a cream, embroidered blouse which while subtle left you in no doubt of her incredible figure; a stylish and fashionable coat suitable for the late winter cold. Elizabeth is a tall woman naturally, and her elegant heels elevate her to statuesque.

It was only later as we moved from the lounge to the bedroom that her appreciation of fine lingerie became evident as she revealed a delicate matching lace outfit complimented by black lace adorned tights, which draw your attention to her exquisitely long and slender legs.

Our time together was possibly the most passionate and intimate I have shared with a woman in these circumstances. Elizabeth did not once look at the clock, and as her company is so enticing we overran.

Jan. 2016 from MERB (Montreal)
Elizabeth Jolie

I have only met Elizabeth once so far. That said, I found her to be very kind, open-minded, elegant, giving, interesting, and just so there with me sharing the moment. Oh yeah, I also think she is gorgeous like Super model. 🙂

Dec. 2015 from CAERF (Toronto)
The Gorgeous Miss Elizabeth Jolie from Montreal

I was very fortunate to meet Miss Elizabeth Jolie.

When I met her in my doorway we kissed lightly but rapidly getting into some passionate DFK, I am 6’1 and in her heels she was my height so it was very good holding her in my arms and kissing her. We then proceed to my couch where we kissed and touched each other more and more passionately. I could not help smiling when I stared into her beautiful eyes. We went for a quick shower which was very enjoyable. She is truly gorgeous in a tall Ann Hathaway kind of way, her curves are delightful in a tall, slim, model way, she is very passionate, loves kissing. She gives great head and hand, is sexy in every position possible and is a super nice woman.

I really hope to see Elizabeth soon, either here or in Montreal. She is absolutely stunning and a lovely, gentle and adventurous person.

Aug. 2015 from TER
9 – Model material / 9 – Forgot it was a service
Attitude: Amazing / Atmosphere: Amazing

This was really an amazing experience, after our initial communication i was a little anxious since this elite lingerie model had no reviews i could find but from the moment she walked to the hotel lobby and till she left it was a great time. You will love this experience and will want for more.

It was easy to communicate via email, after some initial background we were able to schedule a time that worked for both of us. It was early in the day at noon and i was trying to get myself ready after having a bog breakfast with my buddies. I am not a regular at this and was a little anxious. Got ready at noon when i went to the lobby to find this beautiful princess walking towards me. She was wearing a short elegant skirt with a beautiful backless top and a leather jacket. Looking like a model from a cover with beautiful smile, gorgeous hair and great eyes. With those heels she was taller than me as I am only 5’10”, but as we walked to the room she held my hand and we sat on the couch. We talked for about 15 minutes and I forgot everything and felt so comfortable. She is smart and intelligent and we had a great conversation. Started kissing and passionately kissed for a long time before standing up and starting to undress each other. I didn’t even realize how she opened her tops back ties to let it drop over her gorgeous tits. No bra 🙂 and beautiful perfect breasts. After that amazing time started with her really taking care of every little thing making sure i was having a great time. We lied down on bed talking and caressing each other for a while before she went to take shower and got dressed. It was an incredible experience and I loved every part of it. Can’t wait to go back and see her again.